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By masons_parents on Thu, 09-25-08, 03:04

My one year old was given a peanut butter cracker today. We have not given him peanut butter yet, primarily out of fear. He had a reaction of some sort. His little face got beat red and looked almost like hives. We got him to the ER where he was given an antihistamine. We were told it could have been a reaction to peanuts. No one really verified. Does this sound like it could be a reaction? The redness started to fade prior to being given the medicine. It is all gone now.

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By cristym on Thu, 09-25-08, 03:28

It does sound like it could be a reaction. I would suggest contacting a pediatric allergist and getting an appt. Were you given an Epi pen JR, if not call your ped's office and ask about getting an RX for one.

My daughter had a few hives the first time she had peanut butter and the second time she had an anaphylactic reaction (throat and tongue swelling) I am not trying to scare you, but you should be aware of the possibilities.

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