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Hi, my boyfriend was recently diagnosed with a peanut allergy, and I'm so afraid I might accidentally kill him. I gave up peanuts as well, but I'm...
I've had my peanut allergy since I was little and have heard many rules about what I can and can't eat. As far as I know, I've never had a reaction...
My 14 y.o.son had a severe reaction tonight after eating a cookie that had peanut butter in it. We gave him epi on route to hospital where they...
My son is almost 5 now, he hasnt had any reactions since his first exposure which was Hives and sneezing. We brought him to an allergist in...
FAAN used to this fantastic resource called the School Food Allergy Program which outline FAANs recommendations on managing food allergies in a...
Giant Food Stores on Saturday began to remove a chocolate product from its shelves because the product may contain peanut butter, an allergen not...
My son has a laundry list of allergies from nuts to shellfish to dogs. He is at severe risk for anaphylactic shock. I feel school administrators do...
Hi, I'm new to the board (although I've been dealing with my son's food allergies for a few years - he's 7) and I was wondering if anyone is aware of...
I started out with a really great first week of school. all my friends sat with me at lunch at the "no peanut table". then this week(the second week...

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