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Japan with a peanut allergy

Has anyone gone to Japan with a peanut allergy? I would like any and all information that you have. What's safe, what's not? My teen daughter wants to go for her Spring break trip. She will be with an adult (teacher) for part of the time and part will be with a host family. Very nervous about this. Thanks!

By PeanutAllergy.com on Sun, 05-15-16, 15:45

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Our Answer:

Thank you for reaching out to our community with your concern.

Visiting a foreign country with a PA child can make for a worrisome trip, no matter where you go. Of course, we all hope that one day people with food allergies will be able to travel as safely as those without (and the government’s efforts, such as the Airline Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act of 2015 are moving in that direction). But for the meantime, the worry remains, and can only imagine how those worries can multiply when your child is traveling without you!

Your daughter hopes to visit a popular (and fascinating) country. Japan is regularly frequented with tourists, which makes questions such as yours quite common on our website (you can view the responses others received here and here).

There are precautions and strategies you should take whenever you are traveling with someone with severe peanut allergies. It is widely encouraged that you have a card alerting restaurant staff of your child’s allergy information. FARE offers free "Chef Card" Templates so you can specifically explain any dietary needs and restrictions. Another, similar tool you can use is the iPhone app Allergy FT, which collects your child’s list of allergies and translates it into whichever language you choose. You daughter could also use the emoji application on her phone to convey her allergies to waiters or her host family, to clearly express her dietary restrictions despite any language barrier.

We hope that with this information your daughter is able to experience a new culture and still remain safe!

We hope this information is helpful. Take care!

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