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Abdominal pain and hives after anaphalaxis

My 14 y.o.son had a severe reaction tonight after eating a cookie that had peanut butter in it.
We gave him epi on route to hospital where they administered more epi, benadryl, corticosteroids, etc. 5 hours later after another dose of benadryl and a ventolin neb. We were released. He now has extreme abdominal pain and is nauseous and also has hives and redness all over his body.
I still have another hour before I am supposed to give him another dosing of benadryl...but am worried about these symptoms and that the reaction is reoccurring...is it normal to have these symptoms??

By smithdcrk on Sun, 08-10-14, 11:25

Go back to the ER. Doc just told my daughter that stomach cramping is a symptom she should take seriously.

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