Hello, first to introduce myself my names is Rachel, I am 21 and have had a severe case of PA since I was born. Recently I was over at a friends apartment and felt like I could hardly breathe and my...
I was wondering if anyone with PA/TNA have drunk any of these or knew if they were safe: -schnapps (any flavor, but especially peppermint, vanilla, or apple) -Grenadine -Triple Sec -Blue Curacao -...
I'm trying to figure out why I cough so much when I eat certain foods. According to the doc I have 'allergic asthma - w/o status'. I don't wheeze - I just cough. It is triggered by fog, cold, being...
I couldn't find anything on this when I searched so I'm going to post it anyways lol. Does anyone use Biosilk on their skin or hair? I really want to use some but am worried about oils in it.
hi. i posted this under snacks but never got reply so trying here. i have a Dove hair serum type thing for frizzies, well its a cream, and it has Arganine in it. i know that can be from an argan nut...
Since reading mobobbie's post today (adult onset PA yet four years later, had a negative blood test), I'm now wondering if you have had another blood or skin prick test done since your initial PA...
I have heard many with PA say that when they put a peanut containing product in their mouth, they know it immediately. My 4 yr old PA son seems to do this. Since around 1, if he tasted anything...
Yesterday my son had a consult with the uber allergist at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Since he's home from Scotland he's more interested in a Xolair trial saying he would like to at least...
hi. i posted this under snacks but never got reply so trying here. i have a Dove hair serum type thing for frizzies, well its a cream, and it has Arganine in it. i know that can be from an argan nut...
For those that have airborne reactions....I'd like to know if they are consistent and predictable? Or, does your reaction/no reaction have to do with how 'full' your allergy cup is? Thanks, Adele
I thought I'd post this because it was a EUREKA moment for me when I read that an allergic reaction can cause bladder and uterine cramping. This explained lots of problems I would have after...
sorry I can't search here and I saw the makeup thread but since the OP is in canada... Anyway, I am not PA but my dd is PA/TNA. I want to get myself some foundation and maybe concealer but want to...
Help. We go to the pediatrician tomorrow but I am sure she has a yeast infection. We were in the pool a lot last week so maybe she was in a wet suit too long. Anyway, I am going to check on...
Last night my son (22)and his friend took the bus to see a film. On the way home around 9PM the police stopped their bus because they believed a robbery suspect was on the bus. They had each...
When I was 1 my mom gave me a PB&J sandwich and I had a bad reaction. Since then I have stayed away from all type of nuts. However, recently I have found out that I have been eating cookies...
Hi there. I am 43, female. I had exczema as a child, and have had sinus allergies as an adult. One son has peanut allergy, asthma, and exczema. My young toddler has eczema only. About 6 months ago, I...
For those that don't normally visit the "labeling" board, there is a proposal to label alcohol for allergens, similar to the way food is now labeled due to FALCPA. [url="http://uumor.pair.com/...
Please post links to information about colleges dealing with food allergies: [url="http://www.housing.umich.edu/dining/allergy.html"]http://www.housing.umich.edu/dining/allergy.html[/url] [url="...
deleted post [This message has been edited by LisaM (edited December 18, 2006).]
I am a 47 year old woman who has been allergic to peanuts all my life with many close calls. The one place I never thought of worrying about was medication until yesterday when a person at work just...

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