I'm not allergic but my dd is, so I avoid also (in case she touches my face, etc). I have some moisturizer that is ok (I think it's neutrogena) but it literally sweats off my face. Maybe I sweat more...
FAAN sent out a walnut allergy alert recall today. Check out the name of the cookies. I can't be the only one to find this morbidly amusing. **THE FOOD ALLERGY & ANAPHYLAXIS NETWORK SPECIAL...
I read on here somewhere that some prenatal vitamins have peanut oil in them. Which ones? Is it clearly listed in the ingredients? I have read my bottle of them and don't see anything. I am...
I am interested (with another PA person) in forming a Support Group for Adults with PN/TN (and/or other) food allergies. This would ideally be for ADULTS with allergies and would focus on adult...
I'm curious what other adults' (both early onset and late onset FA) experiences with and opinions of the various FA organizations are. Do any of them have a large number of FA adults involved, or...
I don't know if anyone else worries about this one. If I'm out at a party, I never feel comfortable having a drink. I have had Absolute vodka since getting this stupid allergy, but I'm never sure...
My 3yo is PA. Today we went to a birthday party at a commercial birthday party place. As we were signing in I could smell peanut/butter. It was so odd. I just stopped and looked around slowly......
Personal lubricants, what are safe? *blushes and runs out of the room....*
hiya - you definitely have to somewhat swing and jab/hold. If you just hold and push hard enough, it could trigger the autoinjector...but swing and jab/hold definitely triggers the autoinjector...
I have some time, thank goodness, b4 I have to deal with this, but I was wondering about it, and this is the place to find out! Those of you with PA, when you started college, how did it go in the...
Hi. Can anyone tell me if beer and wine might possibly contain peanuts or tree nuts? I know some drink mixes might contain nuts, but I haven't heard of any beer or wine containing nut derivatives.
Does anyone know if Benadryl is safe after having a few drinks? What if you're celebrating something - at a party or whatever - and you've had a few drinks - even a few too many - and then you have a...
We had this dilemma. My son is applying for a bookstore job while he searches out grad programs. I think last year he lost a job because they asked about his PA after seeing his medic alert. I...
I would like to know what those of you with adult on set PA and tree nut think of the research they are doing for food allergies now. Do you find hope in it or are you resigned to living with your...
As many of you know benadryl's other name is Diphenhydramine. Now when I have a reaction, Benadryl liquid is my preferred choice (works quickly), but there have been times that I didn't have it on...
My kids saw an idea for decorating nails in Family Fun and are now nagging me endlessly to do their nails. The idea they saw is red white and blue, and I have none of those colors. What's more, I don...
My son graduates from college in two weeks. With honors, Phi Beta Kappa AND departmental honors. It is rare for a fiction writer to get departmental honors but he did! Peanut wise he did so well...
Massage therapists use lots of oils (including nut oils) for massage therapy. If you have had massage therapy...how do you make it work to protect yourself from a reaction.
I only use henna. [url="http://www.hennaforhair.com/"]HennaForHair[/url] ygg
No, I'm not worried about it, I'm just looking for some like minds. Does anyone know of any groups, fora, or listservs for pregnant women with food allergies/intolerances? I tend toward the crunchy/...

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