I did a quick search on these forums to see if anyone has asked this before and couldn't find the information. My fiance and I are planning to start a family after we get married. Are there any other...
I just read a post here today that some people with with TNA are having reactions to shea nuts. I'm curious, how many of the adults here with PA, are also TNA? When I was diagnosed with PA, I was...
How many days do you have to wait after peanut-consumption for it to be out of your partners "fluids" so to speak... I left town for a few days so he had peanut sauce and chowmein or something and an...
At what point does it stops being "all in my head" and become a life-threatening situation? I hesitate to sound the alarm b.c I don't want everyone to think that I'm a hypochondriac (the girl who...
My 21 year old son has just moved to Raleigh and will be looking for a good doctor to refer him to an allergist. He is peanut, tree nut and soy allergic. Also, any advice on safe grocery stores and...
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only adult in the world with PA. Adrienne did a roll call here a while ago, so I know there are plenty of us out there. I wish this forum was more active. I have a...
Are there any safe sunless tanners for PA/TNA allergies? Most have you leave on the lotion or spray for up to an hour to make sure it does its job. Being a parent of an PA and TNA child, I just...
So I am living at home for the month of May before I go down to camp to work for the summer. The issue is my house is full of peanuts and tree nuts! I can't do anything with out someone mentioning...
I don't have an allergy to peanuts, however, this message board is the closest I could find, so I hope no one minds me posting here. I have anaphylatic reactions to shell fish and I am starting to...
I am just curious to hear from some adults who spend time outdoors. Do you do anything to keep the Epipen in the "ideal temperature" range? Do you always carry your Epipens? Edited to say, I know...
What happens if a PA adult develops Alzheimers or dementia in old age and is in an extended care place? Gads.....what a nightmare!
I was just wondering if anyone wears or has been advised to wear a medical bracelet for a PA.
Does anyone know of good PA resources that are aimed at allergic adults, not children and parents? Because food allergies in general and anaphylactic peanut allergies in particular are portrayed as a...
I live in NZ and wondering if anyone knows of a bought substitute for Peanut Butter. (I dream about eating peanuts and peanut butter still - only 8mths since first become PA!) A friend made me some...
I have adult-onset PA. When I was a kid, raisins and grapes made my mouth itch, but I outgrew it. As a teenager & young adult, I got terribles hives, once or twice I blamed them on too many...
I am finding good information regarding the use of children's formulas (Robitussin), but, what about the adults? Does anyone use Sudafed? I am working on a killer cold right now that seems to have...
Does anyone know of any support groups in the Los Angeles area for adults with peanut/tree nut allergies?
I know several people with food allergies, but no one handles it as carefully as I do. They all eat risky things and don't worry about it much, so I suppose we still seem crazy! Except that I did...
I'm not allergic but my dd is, so I avoid also (in case she touches my face, etc). I have some moisturizer that is ok (I think it's neutrogena) but it literally sweats off my face. Maybe I sweat more...
FAAN sent out a walnut allergy alert recall today. Check out the name of the cookies. I can't be the only one to find this morbidly amusing. **THE FOOD ALLERGY & ANAPHYLAXIS NETWORK SPECIAL...

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