I tried to find out if "Baker's Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Bar" - the standard baking chocolate I grew up with - came from a peanut -free facility and the product was not labeled! There is no...
Hi all: I wanted to know what type of lip blam everyone uses and if you've had reactions to any particular brands? Townie
My boyfriend has a peanut allergy and I'm always afraid something will have peanuts in it when we least expect it. We always ask for his dishes but we forget to ask for mine! I don't want to seem...
I have a severe peanut allergy, so my family has given up eating any peanut products. I send my kids to school with almond butter or sunbutter sandwiches. My daughter brought home her sunbutter...
Hello...new to the site...felt the need to reach out because my allergy to peanuts seems to get worse as i age. Im a 48 year old female with a severe allergy to peanuts...i have learned over the...
Hi, my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. He had one since he was 1 and outgrew it at age 3. He has been eating peanut butter regularly till about 6 months ago when he reacted to a new jar of...
has anyone with a peanut / nut allergy gotten a tattoo and had a reaction to the ink ??
Hello. I'm moving to Singapore for work in the next few weeks. I have a peanut allergy but avoid all nuts. I have some concerns about how easy it is to avoid nuts while in Singapore, especially as...
A couple of years ago, I got skin prick tests to see what I'm allergic to. I've had oral allergy syndrome for years, and suspected I was allergic to almonds as well. Well apparently I'm allergic to...
have you ever had an allergic reaction to coffee or tea due to it being a "flavor" of coffee or cross contamination? (aside from the actual product itself) General Disclaimer: I am not offering...
Hello, Can anyone recommend a really good allergist in Tampa,Florida? Our son has been diagnosed with peanut allergies. Thank you
I have been allergic to nuts for as long as I can remember...some 52 years. My question is: Why can I eat some things with peanut oil? Some potato chips are cooked in peanut oil as well as a famous...
My boyfriend loves Thai food and for his birthday wants to go to a Thai restaurant. Usually, I will just avoid Thai restaurants at all costs, but I want to do something special for his birthday....
My fiancé and I are planning on travelling throughout the Philippines for our honeymoon. My fiancé has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy. We are concerned about peanuts and tree nuts being used...
Hello All! I'm new to this site and also very new to the world of peanut allergies. I am a healthy 22 year old female and was recently diagnosed. I've had issues over the last 4 weeks with peanuts...
my son has a 25.2 peanut allergy level. He is going to be entering an inpatient substance abuse facility. they told me that if it is too high is peanut allergy, they may not accept him into the...
Every week, PeanutAllergy.com will be answering one of the questions posed on the community board page. This week, we are responding to this post: "I am a 22 year old college student with a peanut...
Hello everyone. Asking help from adults living with peanut allergy or parents of PA. Our 22 month old son had a severe anaphylaxis attack, after testing we found he is highly allergic to peanuts, etc...
Tokyo Police Club's Dave Monks recently shared his story about living with a severe peanut allergy and I wanted to share it with all of you. Check it out: http://www.peanutallergy.com/share/peanut-...
Our 21 month old son was just diagnosed with a severe PB allergy, after a sever attack where I eat PB cookies and kissed him. With this sort of reaction, it scares me to take him anywhere. I called...

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