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May or may not be a stupid question but any help would be great So I saw on another discussion to avoid all types of gin (due to it being refined with almonds) and heard that Pimms No 1. is gin based...
I've searched and searched but cannot seem to find a good resource on unsafe (for peanut and tree nut allergies) alcoholic beverages or the threads that many of you have mentioned contain these lists...
Good morning all! I am reaching out to this community for help. I am trying to find a host family for a Swedish boy who has a severe peanut allergy. This boy wants to come to USA to study a year in a...
Is anyone dealing with oral allergy syndrome? I had a reaction to peanut butter (I'm in my 40s and have eaten it all my life) and then also to an orange, a tomato and a bell pepper. I'm waiting on...
Hi all, I am new here, and new to peanut allergy. Still in the "sad and stunned " phase of giving up peanuts and peanut butter. I have had seasonal, skin and household allergies all my life, and did...
My daughter, age 12, recently had a reaction to a cherry (lost voice for an hour, ears itched, throat hurt). She had allergy testing and her tests came back as allergic to peanuts among pollens,...
I was just wondering if anyone knew of information about passing a PA along to your child. I'm trying to get pregnant and I'm just wondering what the chances are that I can pass it on to my child.
Hi guys, I'm new here and from Europe. Since English is not my first language, please excuse my possible grammar mistakes. I had a skin prick test in February because of possible Asthma (had problems...
What if I just don't like peanuts?
Seeking Employment in Peanut Free School - MD My husband and I have recently moved to Maryland where I am employed in a public school. The school I am in has been awful in terms of working with me...
Hi, I have recently noticed now in some products that I have previously eaten they have changed the ingredient list, In Mcvities biscuits, chocolate bars, all sorts of products containing chocolate...
Does anyone know of a safe coffee for people with peanut/tree nut allergies? I've been emailing coffee manufacturers and while many of them have said their facilities are nut-free, some of them have...
I am 50 and have been a peanut butter LOVER all my life. I also regularly snack on mixed nuts. Lately I've been having bad digestion problems when I eat mixed nuts or peanut butter. Does anyone else...
Does anyone know of something I can use OTC or from home to relieve the redness swelling itchy ness of hives?
I've been having terrible stomach aches/cramps/digestive issues off and on over the last several weeks. The only thing these incidents have in common is that I've eaten peanut butter shortly before...
Most people think that Sonic uses peanut oil. This is not true. I have worked at several Sonic restaurants and each of them uses high stability long-life shortening and it comes in a 5 gallon...
Messed the first post up :) just wanted to let myself be known and see if i can be help to anybody that needs to talk or has questions, and hey its always just good to talk to people around nut...
New member to site, longtime member to TN/PN Allerggy
I'm a new member; I hope this is a proper format for my question. I am 73 years old and have been allergic since age two. Am I the oldest to have this condition?
Hi. Does anyone have advice about how best to store an epi-pen when outdoors in the summer? If you go to the beach, what is the best way to keep it at the appropriate temperature? Thanks!
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