Hi All, Wanted to reach out to all you women with TNA/PA out there who have had children. I am due in 2weeks and was a bit concerned about the labor. I am planning on having natural childbirth, but...
I had an ImmunoCap test done before Christmas because I suspected a shellfish allergy, but peanut was included. I was very happy about this because I had only had a scratch test done about 4 years...
I live in a major city with many hospitals around me - and paramedics do carry epinephrine. I used to carry one epi-pen with me. I started carrying two because when I go away on vacations there are...
Hi This may sound strange but I was wondering if any PA girls/women out there have ever had a problem with nail polish. The reason I ask is because acetate and nitrocellulose are the main...
Hi, I'm having a routine colonoscopy done on Monday (my third) Nothing to fear....it's just 'getting ready for it' the day before that makes me dread it. I'm only allowed clear liquids the day...
How did I get it? Well I remember as a child 8ish really not likening peanut butter... as a mater of fact it made me vomit. This was a joke to my 3 sisters. I used to eat peanut shells to be able to...
I've read the happy posts from members whose children have outgrown PA. Great news! It makes me wonder if adults ever do? Any chance that my adult-onset PA will disappear one day? (says me,...
Hi All, I posted this in the "living with" forum, but thought some of you big people might be able to offer me some advice from your perspective. My almost 12 year old son has been PA for as long as...
After a few weeks on antibiotics I have developed the dreaded yeast infection. Does anyone have any feedback on Monistat? (U.S) I looked online and some of the Monistat products have hydrogenated...
Hi, I'm curious - if you react to airborne PN protein now, did you always - or have you become more sensitive? Do you have any qualms about taking a flight where 180 bags of PN's will be opened...
Can someone describe to me what this feels like?
I have written before to tell you that my daughter was taking glyconutrients. As of this week her peanut allergy is gone! She was food challenged on Halloween and had no reactions. We began to see...
Do you 'always' react in about the same amount of time after ingestion? Is there ever a dramatic difference - 3 minutes one time and 20 minutes the next? Just curious.....thanks.
hiya, I have a question for those adults or teens with PA. Today I found a peanut/tree nut free (facility too!) crunchy soynut butter at Trader Joes. I've always wanted to try soynut butter, but...
Hmmm, hope I didn't post this before. Tried doing a search with no luck. Does anyone here eat 'May Contains'? If so, have you had a reaction from it? If you do eat 'MC' is it because you know you...
I was wondering if anyone who's PA/TNA has successfully gotten a tattoo or knows if the inks are safe. I've heard the red inks can cause reactions, but I forgot why. I tried searching but it was...
I'm curious if your comfort zone changes depending on circumstances? For example, travelling alone as opposed to being with a group of friends? Or is it ALWAYS the same?
Confused and hoping all adults with PA could "shed some light" on this. I just met a guy who "claims" to be PA. (My DH is training him and he will be involved with our family for the next two weeks...
Hi everybody, I'm a new member from Hong Kong. I'm so glad that I find this place. My husband is so allergic to peanuts that he goes into anaphalyxis even smelling them. But people here care...
Hello, I am currently dating someone with PA and would like some advice. This is my first encounter with someone with PA and I would like to be considerate, understanding and most of all...not try...

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