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Urgent - Toddler swallowed Whole peeled peanut

Our highly peanut, dairy and soy allergic 2year Old Child accidentially swallowed a pealed peanut. He seams stable now, but immediately Fell asleep as ist was past his bedtime already. Now we are worried Abt a delayed Reaktion and Wonder what to do....

By Leanne Hall on Sat, 01-05-13, 01:05

You should probably wake him up and take him to the ER just to be safe. I hope he's okay!

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By jrn on Sat, 01-05-13, 01:04

Dear Dame,

I hope that everything is ok.

I would also like to say, to all of our community members, that if something like this happens, please call a medical professional immediately. This forum should not be relied upon for emergency situations!

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