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Hey everyone!
So I thought I would post here and hopefully I'll get some answers.

I've been allergy free my whole life. That's 20 years. But for the past about, 4 years I've been experiencing discomfort in my mouth after meals. Some meals more than others. I get red bumps on my tongue and sometimes, my gums swell and start to hurt. The bumps hurt as well and sometimes they don't go away for up to 2-3 days.

I don't get hives on my body or an upset stomach or anything like that.

I've been allergy tested for EVERYTHING but latley I've been eating healthier and I've been making peanut butter protein shakes and I found that the discomfort in my mouth has been getting worse since I started drinking them.

Is this a normal symptom for someone with a peanut allergy? Could I have a tiny allergic reaction from it without it coming up positive on an allergy test?

I've been living with this for 4 years and It's so uncomfortable! I just want to know what's causing this so I can stop eating it!

Any information would be helpful!
Thank you.
- Lisa

By Chantel Donnan on Mon, 05-06-13, 23:45

Hives and bumps like that could be indicative of an allergy, you might want to get tested again specifically for peanuts as you said the feeling gets worse with peanut butter smoothies. It's possible the test came up with a false negative the first time.

But yes, be very careful! Especially since you haven't been officially diagnosed, you won't have an epi-pen or any of the other medications that could save you if you suddenly have a severe reaction.

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By antshelton123 on Wed, 05-01-13, 01:40

you need to be extremely carefull. your on a timebomb you will have a serious reaction eventually. be very carefull with what u eat. im 22 years old and have had my allergy my whole life. mine started off with the same symptoms, then came hives now its full blown anaphlaxis.

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By abr71310 on Fri, 04-05-13, 21:39

I'm anaphylactic; I've eaten a peanut butter cookie (accidentally - my friend told me the box had chocolate in it, and I was playing a card game) and felt tingling / weird sensations in my body. Immediately injected an epi-pen and felt fine, got transported to hospital, where I got some steroids to keep the symptoms down over the next few days.

The symptoms aren't really all that; you're told you'll have a sense of impending doom, but that really only happens if you think about dying and are truly afraid of it. I didn't really think anything else outside of "wow, I'm an idiot".

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