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Swollen neck after eating peanut butter? I'm 52 years old

Swollen neck after eating peanut butter?
I'm 52 years old and been eating peanut butter most of my life however lately I been adding peanut butter with my chocolate ice cream and my neck feels swollen about 30 min after ..I never thought about the peanut butter doing it but it is! my neck glands feel fine the next day..never again! glad I found this site...

By aleena1985 on Mon, 05-06-13, 20:13

Swollen neck glands is primarily how my daughter reacts to peanuts. The swelling can become bad enough to constrict the airway. You should see an allergist. Any swelling involving the neck/throat, mouth, nose ect should be treated as a medical emergency with epi pen and 911.

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By Chantel Donnan on Sat, 05-04-13, 00:44

It might be a good idea to check with an allergist, just to be sure that it's a peanut allergy that's doing it. Even if you've never been allergic before, it is possible to develop an allergy later on in life, so it's good to be sure!

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