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Relief for hives

Does anyone know of something I can use OTC or from home to relieve the redness swelling itchy ness of hives?

By Missy53 on Tue, 04-15-14, 17:35

Try Hydrocortisone~even the WalMart Brand Equate works great or a Lotion that contains minerals from the Dead Sea directly from Israel. Big Lots carries the Dead Sea Collection randomly, I always stock up when I find it!

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By Mamaokiyama on Thu, 02-27-14, 14:42

We use Hylands Hives on my 4yr old. He has a hive response to any friction on his skin. It's called dermatographism. We just didn't want to be using Benadryl as much as he would need it and choose something more natural. It has worked well for us.

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