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Our 21 month old son was just diagnosed with a severe PB allergy, after a sever attack where I eat PB cookies and kissed him. With this sort of reaction, it scares me to take him anywhere. I called our MLB stadium and they said they no longer have Peanut free areas due to a child having a severe attack in on of those "safe areas" last year. I hate this for my son. Can we go out to eat, I feel it would be better to stay in. PLEASE ANYONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE OR GUIDANCE< PLEASE

-Worried parents

By Christine Ristow on Wed, 05-22-13, 21:05

If you do go out to eat, you might want to call the restaurant ahead of time to ask what their policies are for accommodating guests with food allergies. This video talks about a website that helps find allergy friendly restaurants. Hope that helps!


By Vikingmom on Fri, 05-17-13, 12:49

Your little boy can have the salsa Rojas grilled chicken wrap and fries or apples (without caramel sauce) at McDonalds. There are probably other things at McD, but we can personally vouch for these with my severely allergic kid. Taco Bell and KFC have been okay with the chicken and green beans. Hope that helps you when you travel and need fast food.

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By antshelton123 on Wed, 05-01-13, 01:37

Read everything before u feed your child. im 22 years old and am very carefull with my allergy. since i had my reaction when i was 3 i have never had one since. i live in england and i know america is alot worse for nuts than here but they are still in most places here. As your child gets older he will manage the allergy fine im sure. with ur guidence and training he wil be fine. try not to worry so much. i have eaten out all my life and u have instinks on things with an allergy and u really do. somethings i buy and dont eat because of an in stink inside my body. Dont let it take over your life, you dont worry everytime u get into your car do you you just do it and theres a chance u can crash still. Carefull planning. good luck!

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By Chantel Donnan on Fri, 04-12-13, 00:44

It's difficult when you're first starting out after diagnosis, because you're not sure what is safe for your child and what is not. Also, it's tough with a boy so young, because kids get into things and put things in their mouths without realizing what something is, much less the consequences. Right now, I'd suggest taking things very slowly when it comes to going out to eat, family outings, etc. Keep a close eye on him (especially if you're going somewhere like a ball park that is just lousy with peanuts...in fact, you might want to skip the ball park for a while). As he gets older you both will have a firmer grip on what his limits are and managing his allergy will get easier!

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