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Peanut allergy testing with peanut butter?

Hi, my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. He had one since he was 1 and outgrew it at age 3. He has been eating peanut butter regularly till about 6 months ago when he reacted to a new jar of kraft PB. When I took him for his allergy testing this week the allergist used both the peanut(extract) and peanut butter for the skin testing. He was negative for peanut and positive for PB. The doc told me that PB is a better indicator of the allergy. Has anyone else been tested with both of the above. And if so were the results similar? I'm thinking of getting a second opinion but I wanted to know if there is anyone with a similar experience. Thanks.

By PeanutAllergy.com on Thu, 09-19-13, 18:43

Hi Sasha7776,

We posted this question on our Facebook page, and it got several responses. You can see what our fans had to say by following this link - https://www.facebook.com/PeanutsAllergy/posts/598650276840234

Thank you!

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