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peanut allergy

I am confused about one thing.. My peanut allergy effects only my stomach.. But since i have this problem do i need to stay away from peas and beans?



By supernat on Fri, 12-13-13, 04:37

Do NOT continue to eat peanuts. My allergy started as stomach pain and a few times I made the sacrifice for my favorite candy and it is now a full blown anaphylactic allergy. I personally have no problems with peas and beans, however.

By Saralinda on Mon, 12-09-13, 20:50

Mysia, I am like you. I've never had a stronger reaction to peanuts than just throwing up everything. My favorite vegetable is green peas. I love split pea soup, but if I eat it more than once in awhile, my mouth "feels fuzzy." So I'm just careful. I say, do what you have to do to be safe.

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By samsmommy99 on Tue, 11-26-13, 18:20

Some people, like my son have cross reactions to peas, and legume family things......id say go get a test run first to see what the reaction shows on it first before just completely cutting them out all together.

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