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peanut allergy

my son has a 25.2 peanut allergy level. He is going to be entering an inpatient substance abuse facility. they told me that if it is too high is peanut allergy, they may not accept him into the program. Has anyone heard of this? His skin test for negative for peanut butter and positive with blood work.

By nannie on Tue, 06-25-13, 19:05

I have been a Mental Health Nurse or many years. None of the hospitals that I have worked at have done this. This may be different for the more longer term substance abuse treatment centers as they don't have the medical support that may be needed. We frequently refer patients to these for further treatment and not once has this been an issue.
When we get a patient with a peanut allergy we remove any potential allergens from the unit and put a sign on the door alerting others. The patient is restricted to the unit for meals as a safety measure so if there is a reaction an epipen and nurse is readily available.
You may want to check out other hospitals in the area. I am appalled that your son may be denied treatment because of the allergy.

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