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oral allergy syndrome

Is anyone dealing with oral allergy syndrome? I had a reaction to peanut butter (I'm in my 40s and have eaten it all my life) and then also to an orange, a tomato and a bell pepper. I'm waiting on blood work now. I've been told that I'm probably allergic to a pollen and that each pollen is associated with certain foods, mostly fruits and vegetables but also peanuts, some tree nuts and also spices and kinds of lettuce. Apparently, the body mistakes the foods for pollen b/c they are structurally similar. Just wondering how people go about eating at all when you don't know what you're allergic to - is it all trial and error or should I insist that I get skin tested, too? (My pepper blood test has come back negative, so it's not a "true allergy," but I definitely had an allergic reaction to it so I'm supposed to stay away from it. I'm wondering if a skin test would show different results.) Allergist's office says that they can't predict if reactions to non-true allergens will be life-threatening so I should just avoid whatever I react to, but I'm afraid to eat anything other than meat and vitamins at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks.

By basantos on Thu, 07-10-14, 05:37

My daughter, age 12, recently had a reaction to a cherry (lost voice for an hour, ears itched, throat hurt). She had allergy testing and her tests came back as allergic to peanuts among pollens, molds, pets, etc. I've never noticed any reaction to her eating peanuts in the past. the cherry reaction was due to oral allergy syndrome and is not life threatening but due to her allergy to pollens. She has been prescribed both allegra (180 mg) and zyrtec (10 mg) along with zaditor as needed and an epi-pen and a pro-air HFA as needed. Have you received any further information from your doctor? We return in 2 weeks for a follow up appt.

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