Oldest Peanut Allergy victim?

I'm a new member; I hope this is a proper format for my question. I am 73 years old and have been allergic since age two. Am I the oldest to have this condition?

By Hagginz on Fri, 03-28-14, 10:18

hey more power to ya i hope i can make it up there. im 25 and all i know is ive been telling myself for a very long time "if im goin' out, its not gonna be because of some nuts, thats for sure" haha. you must've had a very rough struggle growing up, because even when i was going through school, food allergies were just beginning to be acknowledged. always good to meet fellow people with nut allergies! i have still never talked to someone with nut allergies in person though :( that would really make my life haha

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By Pleats on Wed, 03-05-14, 00:18

Greetings Davenut!

I am 76 and I think most seniors with this allergy will die from cardiovascular problems, cancer, etc., like just about everybody else.

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By 4pmom on Tue, 03-04-14, 18:04

I hope not! Seeing your post gives me hope that my daughter has a long life before her. I have always wondered how many adults/seniors there are out there. I try not to let my mind go there to often but I do worry about her life being cut short by letting her guard down one time.

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By lawilly71 on Tue, 03-04-14, 17:57

hi there, you are definitely not the oldest person to have a food allergy. my great-great aunt knew another family member from a long time ago who had many food allergies. his doctor told him how to make a recipe of fluids he could drink (and live on) and he had it every day for all meals. he lived to be 99. with my kiddo being anaphylactic to peanuts, I have talked to many people about food allergies. I thought it was mostly kids who had food allergies, but I was surprised by how many older adults will tell you they or someone they know has a food allergy too.

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