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I am almost 30 and I was recently diagnosed with a Peanut

I am almost 30 and I was recently diagnosed with a Peanut Allergy. I didn't believe it at first, so I went to 2 differnt doctors to confirm it! Sure enough, both tests came back positive for Peanut. I haven't really noticed any symptoms though!! I used to eat peanut butter nuts and ALL the time!! What should I do?? Totally wipe nuts out of my diet just in case??

By Beccaboop on Wed, 04-17-13, 13:57

Thank you guys! It looks as if I spoke too soon however!! Yesterday I ate one of those Greek Chobani Flips yogurts with the delicious topping you flip into your yogurt and about 20 minutes later, my left ear got beet red and was burning hot and pulsating! I looked on the label and sure enough it said MANUFACTURED IN A PLANT THAT HANDLES PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS. It could have been my imagination because I was then thinking of all the allergy symptoms I have been reading up on, But my chest was feeling weird, almost like asthma symptoms!! Scary and weird!!

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By Chantel Donnan on Wed, 04-17-13, 00:47

I've had many friends experience something like that, where their allergy wasn't too extreme but present. When they wiped the allergen from their diet, they found their overall health was much better! I'd say get rid of the nuts and see what happens. You may wake up feeling spectactular!

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By Valberube on Tue, 04-16-13, 22:55

Weird! But something must have lead to the testing right? Sometimes I think if our bodies are in this constant state of reaction we feel sick but it seems random. Then if we remove the allergen and try again after a while its so clear (that this was what was making us sick)... I'm not suggesting that though due to the severity of the reaction to peanuts (number one killer when it comes to death by allergy) I think if I had 2 doctors confirm it that might be enough for me to cut them out completely. Best of luck!

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