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I am 50 and have been a peanut butter LOVER all my life. I

I am 50 and have been a peanut butter LOVER all my life. I also regularly snack on mixed nuts. Lately I've been having bad digestion problems when I eat mixed nuts or peanut butter. Does anyone else have digestive issues as a symptom of peanut allergies? I guess I will schedule an appt now to find out!

By Saralinda on Wed, 04-30-14, 04:06

My peanut reactions are almost always vomiting and upset stomach.

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By debbieharrell on Tue, 03-25-14, 16:29

I also started having digstive issues when I eat anything with even traces of peanuts. However, I tested negative for a peanut allergy. I always have the symptoms (feeling faint, vomiting and diarrhea) within a few hours of eating something. I avoid all products that are labeled may include peanuts or processed on equipment that processes peanuts. The last time I got sick I had eaten something I thought was safe, but found out on this website that it was processed in a facility that processes peanuts even though the label didn't indicate it.

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