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Food Allergy Survey

Good afternoon guys.

I am a student at the University of Virginia and I am conducting a survey on behaviors of individuals who suffer with food allergies. It is a short survey and should take no more than 3 minutes. I would really appreciate your time in assisting me with the survey.

The survey can be found by copy and pasting this link in your browser:


By Leanne Hall on Wed, 10-31-12, 00:35

Is the survey strictly for those with food allergies, or would you also like input from someone who has a food intolerance?

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By Nadiege on Wed, 10-31-12, 00:40

Food intolerance qualifies thank you.

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By Leanne Hall on Thu, 11-01-12, 16:07

I just attempted to take the survey and received a message that it has expired.

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By FoodAllergies on Tue, 10-30-12, 18:16

Good afternoon! I just completed your survey, hope it helps : )

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By Nadiege on Tue, 10-30-12, 19:04

Thanks so much! We would like to create a peanut allergy friendly bar so this information is very helpful.

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By FoodAllergies on Tue, 10-30-12, 19:25

That sounds interesting, I would like to hear more about your peanut allergy friendly bar. Please keep me posted : )

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