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Dating Someone With a PA

Hi everyone!

My best friend is dating someone who is SEVERELY allergic to peanuts. The other day she was nervous about eating a peanut butter sandwich in the afternoon because she was going to see him at night, and she was worried that he might have an allergic reaction when he kissed her.

Is that possible? How many hours before seeing him should she avoid eating peanuts? Or does she have to give them up completely?

By Mandybaby10 on Sun, 10-28-12, 03:17

Hey! I have a severe nut allergy and the one thing I respect most is that my boyfriend respects my allergy. Being with me obviously has consequences in regards to food he can and cannot eat. On days he doesn't see me he eats whatever he chooses. On days I know I will see him be watches what he eats and also keeps a nut free household. My Heath and safety is a priority to my boyfriend so in my opinion When ur seeing the girl or boy ur dating who is allergic be careful. Brushing your teeth doesn't cut it when it needs to be out of the persons system for 24 hours. Hope this helps

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By GinaT on Sat, 10-27-12, 01:04

You should be fine as long as you brush your teeth after!

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By Saralinda on Fri, 10-26-12, 18:46

Once my husband had PB on toast for breakfast and then kissed me "goodbye." My mouth swelled up. It depends on the severity of the allergy. A good toothbrushing and antiseptic mouth wash rinse works for us, but everyone has their own safety level.

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