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Coping with a PA

Hi there, my name's Cam, I just stumbled across this website and it seemed like a great place to talk with people living day to day with the same allergy.

I'm 20 years old, born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. I've been living with a severe anaphylaxis peanut allergy my entire life.

Lately I've been struggling a lot with it, it controls my life, I can't seem to get the thought of having an allergy attack out of my mind.. Every time I put something in my mouth it's in the back of my head.. It's really halting me from enjoying life to the fullest. Don't get me wrong, I live a very social life, it's just been really tough lately for some reason.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.


By antshelton123 on Wed, 05-01-13, 01:44

same problem here. my girlfriend is very annoyed with me about it as i havnt had a reaction since i was 3 years old. however become very paranoid recently. I dont know what makes this happen but im glad its not just me who feels like this. I guess we just got to go to how we was before, not worrying about it all the time... Maby one day the world will become a nut free zone however i doubt it in our life time. just got to get on with it... gl

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By abr71310 on Fri, 04-05-13, 21:37

I just turned 22 last month, also been living in fear most of my life. The only security I really have is the fact that I bring two Epi-Pens with me everywhere I go and a crapton of Benedryl in case I break out because of it.

I, too, suffer with Anaphylaxis (since I was 10 months old!), but I try not to to let that restrict living my life.

I guess it might be harder for someone such as yourself, but I've already had two reactions in my life, and it really gave me enough perspective to want to take risks, but not so many that I'd die from it. I know what my limitations are, and I'm just glad to know that others are able to help and respect my food choices. :)

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By Sarah McKenzie on Wed, 05-01-13, 18:17

My son is 21 months is PA and has had 2 anaphylaxis attacks. I worry about him as a teenager or adult, will he be strong? will he know is limits when it comes to food? I pray he has the same attitude as you. It is nice and refreshing for me to read your response. THANK YOU!
Since you and my son are similar and if you have any good info for me, please feel free :)

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By pnut_allergy1988 on Thu, 03-14-13, 22:48

I actually have the same issue- I have been allergic my whole life & I've never even gone into anaphylaxis, used to forget my epi-pen all the time, and eat at Chinese restaurants without even letting them know about my allergy. And all the sudden at 24, I've become paranoid about it. I don't even like going to eat anymore because I'm so freaked out about getting a peanut in my food and it's really overwhelming to think about dealing with this for the rest of my life. Have you read the book "Allergic Girl" by Sloane Miller? You might find it helpful. I know that after reading that a couple weeks ago, I feel less freaked out & more in control of my allergy.

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By learningmore on Sat, 03-09-13, 08:38

Hey Cam,

Thanks for sharing. I (and I imagine others) can empathize with what you're going through. Do you seem to go out a lot and your anxiety stems from going out to eat? Glad we can all use this forum to discuss!

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