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So I have been having severe asthma symptoms and have been on many asthma medications and have still had multiple hospitalizations ): I also have multiple allergies (environmental, latex, and some medications). I have an Epi-pen for the latex allergy and recently had my IGE level checked (allergy indicator) and it was 898. Yesterday I was having trouble breathing that I thought was asthma but I also had hives after baking peanut butter cookies??? I don't have a known peanut allergy and never have had one. I immediately did the Epipen as it kept getting worse with no improvement after the inhaler. The epi helped and when I asked my Dr. she said maybe it could be a latex exposure but I'm just thinking that its to much of a coincidence.
Thoughts??? Can you get a peanut allergy later in life. Has anyone else experienced this?


By Spoedig on Thu, 03-14-13, 15:09

Yes, you can develop a peanut allergy as an adult. Is the Dr. you mentioned your allergist? I personally would ask to be tested for peanut and tree nut allergy. I have a child with a latex allergy, in addition to the peanut, and understand the difficulty in determining latex exposure.

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