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A couple of years ago, I got skin prick tests to see what

A couple of years ago, I got skin prick tests to see what I'm allergic to. I've had oral allergy syndrome for years, and suspected I was allergic to almonds as well. Well apparently I'm allergic to all tree nuts, and, although I've eaten them with no problems for years, peanuts. I told my allergist I eat Reese's Cups pretty regularly without problems. The only thing I can think of is once, years ago, (probably around age 14) my mouth felt slightly itchy when I ate peanut butter by itself. At that point, I got an itchy mouth from all sorts of things, and was still eating raw fruits and vegetables regularly, so it could have been anything. I told him all of this, and he said to just keep doing what I'm doing, and that I might have a tolerance, but if I have a severe reaction, use my epi pen.
Anyway, now, every time I eat a Reese's Cup, I panic, and the back of my throat feels weird. I can't tell whether it's the peanut butter sliding down my throat, or if I'm allergic. Sometimes, I go through periods where I'm not scared, and the feeling goes away a little while later, I imagine when the food gets further down my esophagus.

Basically, I'm terrified right now, and I have no idea whether I have a real allergy or a false positive. I have frequent peanut butter-eaters in my house, and they don't always wash their hands afterward. Sometimes I feel a weird feeling in the back of my throat when I eat other foods, but usually those foods are pretty sodium-rich. Either way, I wind up panicking. I got that way after eating non-allergic food, hours later, and went to the ER. Nothing. Nothing was wrong, reading over my tests, I was a little dehydrated.

I'm very confused. Sometimes I'll try to eat a Reeses Cup, and try to wait out the panic attack and see if any other symptoms come up... I can always breathe fine, I never have hives, I keep track of my blood pressure, and it never drops. No stomach symptoms. It's just that sort of thick, throat feeling, almost like post nasal drip, but more solid.

By ldwells62 on Tue, 09-03-13, 11:30

If I were you, I would refrain from eating peanut butter, peanuts and tree nuts of any kind. Just would not be worth the risk.

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