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Adult-onset PA plus other adult-onset allergies?

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By Adele on Sun, 07-08-07, 19:51

I have adult-onset PA. When I was a kid, raisins and grapes made my mouth itch, but I outgrew it.

As a teenager & young adult, I got terribles hives, once or twice I blamed them on too many peaches.

In the last year, I find that grapes and raisins are bothering me again. Also, my plum tree is loaded this year - and they're just starting to ripen. Now I find that after eating half a ripe plum, I get a stomach ache.

What is going on here? Why am I getting old allergies back again? Has this happened to anyone else?

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By Danielle on Sun, 07-08-07, 22:08

Seems that I speak to more and more people that have adult food allergies. Mostly, I have talked to people about peanuts and shellfish. My stomache has never been good but I have always thought it was colitis. Now, I also have an ana allergy to sorghum (alternative to wheat for those allergic to it) and maybe to anchovies which I found out by eating cesear salad. Now, I stay clear of shellfish and carry epi's. I have a script for bloodwork for RAST. My 2 little ones have food allergies...... I take pro-biotics and so do my kids. We are very strict.

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By momll70 on Tue, 07-10-07, 13:25

I became allergic to peanuts when I was 26. Then little by little a couple more food allergies (swiss cheese was one). After my son was born (maybe harmones changes) I became allergic to many other foods. Tree nuts, carrots, shellfish, mesclin greens or arugula, lentils, chickpeas, greenbeans, bananas, watermelon, cantalope, blueberries, bananas, truffle oil and some cheeses that are similar to swiss like Gryer (spelling?). That's all I could remember off the top of my head. I had a really bad year when I was 31 suffered with hives and throat closing (spasms). Found out I was highly allergic to pollen, (trees, grass, ragweed) and mold. The next few years were better and this year I'm 37 and my allergies are worse again. Hives, throat closing - but I predicted a bad year due to high stress and poor diet from stress so I know it can get better and worse.

Also if you have seasonal allergies if you eat the fruit that is related to the pollen that is going around at that time you may have a reaction but when that pollen season is over you may be able to eat it with no reaction.

I remember keeping a food diary which I may start again. I wonder when they say women's bodies change every 7 years, if our harmones are changing if it can affect our allergies too.

I know someone who had latex allergy and couldn't eat oregano, tomatoes and other foods related to this allergy. It was temporary and due to stress. Once he was out of the stressful situation his allergy went away.

Also in some cases people that eat fruit that is ripe can react and when it's not ripe they don't react after eating it.

Sorry so long but I hope it helps.

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By nosoyforme on Thu, 08-16-07, 18:02

I developed severe allergy to all soy, all nuts, peas, beans and sunflower out of the blue at age 40.

Allergic to all soy, all nuts, peas, beans, sunflower. Started at age 40.

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By mobobbie on Mon, 01-14-08, 02:46

I have always had grass and tree allergies and then developed food allergies in my early 40s. These allergies produce full-on anaphylactic reactions.

Peanuts, tree nuts, legumes, fish, [i]CELERY[/i] (!)parsely, ginger, zucchini (but, Doc-I'm 1/2 Italian!)
Has anyone EVER met anyone who is allergic to celery???

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