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ADA Restoration Bill

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By cathlina on Fri, 07-27-07, 01:48

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa announced today he was sponsoring the ADA Restoration bill. Courts have been diluting the original bill and Senator Harkin wants more specific language in the bill.

Senator Harkin was the original sponsor of the American Disabilities Act 17 years ago. His brother is mentally challenged.

Plz visit his website and read about the ADA Restoration bill and then e-mail him to request that food allergies be recognized in this bill. (I have already done this.)

If you have a story to tell about how your child was denied equal access in education...please tell him about it.

This is an important bill.

His website address is:


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By cathlina on Fri, 07-27-07, 23:38


This bill will specifically cover the issue of whether you are disabled if you take a medication to help control your disability.

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By Momcat on Sat, 07-28-07, 05:00

I sent Senator Harkin an email. It's good to know we have someone on our side!


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