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acupuncture and allergies

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By dkclark on Wed, 10-22-08, 04:25

Hey, so i've heard that acupuncture can help with allergies, i've specifically heard that they might be able to help with my peanut allergy. I've heard that it might be able to lessen my reaction when i am in contact with peanuts. My peanut allergy has gotten very severe and is to the point now where airborne contact with peanuts will make me sick, not generally anaphylaxis but definitely sick. So anything that might lesson my symptoms around peanuts would be amazing! has anyone heard of acupuncture working? anything about it at all?

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By Ra3chel on Thu, 10-30-08, 00:26

Accupuncture has yet to be proven effective in refereed studies, so I'd be hesitant to rely on it to decrease the effects of a potentially life-threatening allergy. Talk to your allergist first, regardless.

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By williamsmummy on Fri, 11-07-08, 11:00

dont pay good money for something that will lead you to think you are cured.
if accupuncture truely worked, it would be there in main stream medicine. and I for one would line up for it for my son.

this is not going to work, and quite frankly any alternative practitioner worth his salt would not make claims like this.

avoid at all costs!

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