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Activa Yogurt

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By nosoyforme on Tue, 08-21-07, 17:16

I called to see what the "natural Flavors" were and they did said soy.
Not sure if oil, protein or lecithin. But they did say soy. I can't tolerate any so stopped eating when first finding out about my allergies.

Allergic to all soy, all nuts, peas, beans, sunflower. Started at age 40.

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By abigailsmoma on Tue, 08-21-07, 23:58

Thank you for your post. I thought this one was safe for my little one.

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By SFMom on Thu, 09-06-07, 23:12

Don't these food companies get it? They are endangering people's lives by not calling additives by their proper names.

Sheesh, what's the big deal saying that it's soy-based flavoring? For people without soy allergies, it wouldn't make a difference and it wouldn't affect sales to those people. But for us, it's very important.

One more example of how big food companies don't care about the public health.

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