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Acorn Reaction

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By Lindka on Tue, 08-24-99, 22:36

Hi, my daughter and I have just returned from the hospital after her reaction to what we suspect were acorns.

I was wondering whether anyone else has come across acorns during their problems with allergies?

It wasn't an anaphylactic reaction, just hives, swelling, raised temperature and itching. A good dose of antihistamines proved okay.

I'd be interested to hear from you if acorns have caused problems for you.


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By Momma Kitty on Mon, 01-17-00, 15:16

Did you ever conclude if acorns were the culprit? I have just moved to Louisiana and acorn trees are everywhere. I have become very paranoid about the probability of my daughter being anaphylactic to them. I would be very interested in what you found out. Please email or respond... thank you.

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