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? about using a wilton cake pan for bday

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By srujed on Sat, 01-20-07, 02:42

Hi there! My ds #2s first bday is sunday and I am making him a cake using a shaped wilton cake pan. I have used their pans in the past for ds #1s bday cakes but I have always just used a betty crocker cake mix with ener-g egg replacer for his. Well ds #2 is egg allergic and milk allergic so we can't use a premade mix for him so I wanted to try the wacky cake recipe I have seen on here before. Does anyone know if I can just use the recipe as given or do I need to double it or something to get enough batter to fill the pan?? Anyone with past experience that can give me advice??? It would be very much appreciated!!! TIA!

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By safetyfirst on Sat, 01-20-07, 03:41

Hello, from what I remember of that recipe it becomes very fudgey on the bottom. I am not sure if it would come out of the cake pan very well, but if you are leaving it in the pan you should be ok.
I have tons of Wilton pans and I always have good luck with them.
Good Luck and have a great party!

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By gabbytiger on Sat, 01-20-07, 13:23

I made wacky cake in a Wilton pan and it turned out beautifully. I actually don't think I had to double the recipe or anything, but I did make the cake the day before, let it cool completely overnight, and then began decorating the day if the party. Good luck--they make such lovely cakes!

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By srujed on Sat, 01-20-07, 17:37

Thanks for the advice ladies. I just got done making the cake and so far so good, came out of the pan with no problem. NOw on to the decorating... Lets just hope it tastes good too! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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