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99 Restaurants

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By Kimari on Sat, 06-25-05, 23:51

My family and I just returned from a quick dinner out. (I'm very tired after a day at the beach so please forgive me if this rambles.) We went to the 99 Restaurant (NE chain) in Woburn at "4 corners". The 99's chain has long been on our "safe" list.

After notifiying our server of dd's PA and ordering her a grilled cheese sandwich the manager came over. He let us know in no uncertain terms that the only item on the menu that was safe for her was the macaroni and cheese, becuase it comes pre-packaged and is made by Stouffer's. He said that there were many nut products back in the kitchen and that there is a strong likelyhood of cross-contamination.

After reassuring my husband and I that he would oversee her meal being heated and placed in a bowl, we did let her eat, but we won't be going back. Out of my comfort zone now.

As I stated, we've eaten at the 99's many, many times, but nevertheless, I wanted to put this out there.

Thanks for listening!

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By Heather3 on Mon, 06-27-05, 20:18

Gee, that's really odd. We have eaten there many times and have never been told there were a lot of peanuts. We ate at the 99 on Mishawum Friday night. I actually noticed that their menu has changed and there aren't any peanuts on it at all - just some tree nuts (I remember walnuts). DS had a hot dog and fries (fried in soybean oil, the waiter check for us). Up until very recently there was a waitress who worked there who had a peanut allergy. Maybe you guys should try the "other" 99 in Woburn.

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By Kimari on Mon, 06-27-05, 23:12

Honestly, I found it odd too, but thought it was worth mentioning. I didn't see any peanuts on the menu either, except of course on the desserts.

We normally go to the 99's in Londonderry NH, closer to where we live. We just happened to be in Woburn at dinnertime on Saturday. Either way, we'll stick to some of our other choices for now. They were never one of my favorites to begin with, but my daughter got oreo cookies there once and has never forgotten! lol.

Take care,

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