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504 Plan Meeting Request Letter

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By bandbmom on Mon, 01-02-06, 22:48

How does this letter sound that's going to the principal of my DS's elementary school? Do I need to add or delete anything?

January 5, 2006

Dear Mr. B,

This letter is regarding our son, Brandon, who is in 1st grade this year at X Elementary. As you are already well aware, Brandon has a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts as documented by the letter you received from his allergist, Dr. D. I am writing you to request a 504 plan meeting for Brandon as his severe food allergy makes him eligible for protection under Section 504 because the physiological condition/disorder of his food allergy affects the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and skin body systems. The physical impairment of his food allergy could substantially limit breathing during an anaphylactic reaction and the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights formally recognizes his allergy as a hidden disability.

I have also enclosed a copy of a sample 504 Plan that I found on peanutallergy.com to help use as a guide along with his allergy test results, a letter from his previous allergist, his pediatrician and some other information on food allergies.

I would like to set up a date and time for a meeting by January 31, 2006. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss this. Our home number is xxx-xxxx and email is xxxxxxxx.

Thank you,
Mrs. G

cc Asst. Principal

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By Gwen 5 on Mon, 01-02-06, 23:17


I don't have alot of time for a reply, but one thing that you should do is is scour the school topic forum here. It has so much information.

I also would find good articles about what is happening at other schools and print all these out so you have documented information.

If you are not familiar withthe poster Nutternomore- I would search for all his posts- you will get so much information

Have you looked at the site [url="http://www.alergysupport.org?"]www.alergysupport.org?[/url]

Their is a huge case that made it to a very high up court- it sided in favor of the PA family- arm yourself with information and go as far as you have to go- superintendent and any other political affilitaion-

I think the court case was in Massachusetts-

I also would go to the media section and print out all the latest stories about all the PA deaths and problems at schools in the last few monthes-

Remember this a right that you have, you may have to put some pressure on the school, but they have to give in.

I am so sorry for what you have to do- I had a rough year in K with my dd and then we got a new principal and she is wonderful and my 504 is in place a great- I have always had a 504 plan for dd- it was never a problem to get one for me-luckily.

Your letter is good and that is what you have to do- keep good notes and always give a deadline.

keep us posted!

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By qdebbie1 on Mon, 01-02-06, 23:18

Since you asked for opinions:
I think the correct wording is the Us dept of education, Office for Civil rights.
More Importantly, I would not give away peanutallergy.com because I think of this as our turf and not them reading these post,ect. I would look at AllergySupport.org for a sample plan and go with that.
You know I love the deadline.
Try to get as much of the school responses in writing as you can. Document Document Document. Things like please email or mail me something so I can have it to look over or discuss with dh.
Is the allergist letter really firm, will they write another one for you if not. I would also attach it as well.
You go girl!

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By Carefulmom on Mon, 01-02-06, 23:23

I was thinking the same thing as qdebbie1 when I was reading it. It is wonderful---just delete the part about peanutallergy.com. If he ever actually comes to this site, then you will no longer be able to post about possible school problems without him reading your posts. It takes away from the usefulness of this site for you. I never tell anyone that I might have to post about about this site. We have had a few users who told people about this site trying to enlighten them, then when our user had a problem with the person, they posted about the person, and the person they were complaining about read the post about them. Needless to say, it did not set well.

Other than that, I think it`s a great letter.

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By qdebbie1 on Mon, 01-02-06, 23:30

Be aware that case is l o n g.
My husband highlighted and tabbed it to show the similar areas for us. I can get it to you to use if you need it.
I forgot about it. I would at least print the cover and the decision page and attach that also.
Make this school know you are serious.
It is hard to search the school forum because there is sooooo much here but try to see what you can find that works for you.

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By bandbmom on Tue, 01-03-06, 00:14

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your comments and suggestions are a wonderful help. Good point about listing peanutallergy.com. I should know this because I was already burned once for this very same thing. I posted a message on another board about the principals comments to me, which was seen by a lady who knows him and forwarded the message to him. Sometimes I just don't think, you know? I took that out and changed the wording to stay US Dept. of Ed office for Civil Rights. I planned on being armed with all I can find to help! You are all wonderful!

Debbie, if you can get me the info on that court case, that would be really great. Is there a link to the case on-line? Anything you can provide me will be so very much appreciated!


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By Momcat on Tue, 01-03-06, 03:47


I would like a copy of the St. Edward's case--do you know where I can look it up?


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