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1st reaction

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By caryn on Thu, 11-02-06, 19:46

Okay -- my son was diagnosed with pa and tn at 2 - he has never had a reaction really and he is 6-- then we have had 3 reactions in 2 weeks -- however the only common food was white chocolate chips from kellies candies which is nut free.

first one - he woke up from nap and complained of his feet itching -- husband took off his socks and applied hydrocortisone -- feet were red -- about and hour later legs were red and blotchy - nothing else -- now he is also allergic to latex so we just figure the socks were bothering him.

second last week he complained of itching on his leg were he sometimes has excema -- i went to get the meds and then looked at it and he was nreaking out in quarter size hives -- about 5 on each leg and the rest of his legs were red and blotchy -- i gave benedryl and stuck him in the tub.

Tuusday he got off the school bus with a red spot on his cheek - i asked him how he felt and he said fine -- within ten minutes of getting him inside his face was flushed completely red he had large hives on the back of both legs - his legs and arms were red and blotchy and his feet were bright red -- i gave him a bath and benedryl which took about 2 hours to clear things up.

i made the food connection and felt as though if it had possibly been something with peanuts i would have used the epi -- however my son only eats what i send -- i feel confident in this and then these chips were completely safe.

It has been a freaky time and we are going to do some blood testing -- the only 2 ingredients out of the norm were cocoa butter and palm kernal oil -- from what my allergist has said - palm kernal oil is related to coconut to which my son was 2+ to on a spt but has never had.

this has been rough and we are sort of wondering if he has developed more allergies -- he is allergic to peanuts, treenuts, corn, soy, coconut, carrots, cantaloupe, strawberry, apple, banana, latex dog and ragweed.

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By Daisy on Fri, 11-03-06, 00:56

Have you considered contact reactions to one of his allergens? Sounds like this especially for #3.

Is this his first year at this school?


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By starlight on Fri, 11-03-06, 05:50

Have you recently changed detergent, softener, dryer sheets, etc? Since 2 of three times it was confined to the feet/legs...when I have trouble with a softener, that's where it starts.

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By caryn on Mon, 11-06-06, 12:18

thanks for your responses -- no we haven't changed any detergents and he has hd two more minor reactions at home -- one thurs eve and one sun. thurs he was blotchy all over his face and legs but never got hives and sun he immediately got hives on his legs but never got a blotchy face or arms.

both of these times were after having ate and the common food was nestle semi sweet mini chocolate chips -- which he also had 2 out of the other 3 reaction times so i am going to call the manufacturer this morning.

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By PennMom on Mon, 11-06-06, 14:00

They were able to test my daughter for "chocolate" on the rast blood test. I would ask your allergist about adding that too, since both reactions were from forms of chocolate. Also another question- does he eat other forms of chocolate with no problems? Hope you find the cause soon! I know it is very frustrating to not know!

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By caryn on Mon, 11-06-06, 17:55

here is the kellies candies info -- [url="http://www.nutfreecandy.com"]www.nutfreecandy.com[/url] or 1-866-4no-nuts

it seems as though he can eat other forms of chocolate with no reactions -- however i will be extra diligent with my food diary for the next month to track reactions.

nestles stated that if there were any risk of cross contamination it wouldbe on the bag -- so no statement meant no nuts or peanuts in the facility. they would not tell me about natural flavors without me listing all my childs food allergies and them checking it and getting back to me.

i am praying he is not allergic to chocolate -- it is about the only candy he can eat -- he is allergic to corn, soy, carrots, cantaloupe, coconut, apple, strawberry, banana, peanuts and treenuts as well as latex, ragweed and dog.

he is scheduled for testing dec 4th

oh and we tried the benedryl strips for the first time last nite -- he did fine with it -- we only used 1 = 1tsp. he can't have the fastmelt tablets due to his soy allergy so this will be great to keep in my purse.

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By PerthPeanut on Wed, 01-03-07, 16:12


A big THANK YOU for mentioning the connection between palm kernal oil and coconut.

My 6 year old daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, other tree nuts, shellfish, sesame seed, poppy seed, mandarine, cats, dogs and coconut! I was unaware of the palm kernal oil thing, yet have seen it often on Avon products I have purchased. Now I shall have the excuse to purchase even less than normal!

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By caryn on Thu, 01-04-07, 23:12

it really gets tough when you have so many allergens doesn't it?

my son tested negative to apple banana and strawberry in dec -- he will try apple sauce but not apples -- says they still make his mouth itch - will not eat bananas same mouth itch -- will eat strawberry preserves but that is all we have tried.

i am noticing more and more things with coconut oil and palm kernal oil -- i have no idea how these would bother my son as he has never eaten coconut.

he tested negative to chocolate- thank goodness and shellfish (we tested him just to know)

so we have no idea about the reactions but have stayed away from nestles mini chips though we reintroduced the kellies white chips in small quanitities and he has been fine.

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By falcon on Thu, 01-11-07, 03:51

Coconut has many "forms" particularly in soaps and cosmetics. I am not an authority on this, but if the allergy is serious, it might be helpful to google it. From what I understand anything with "coco" in the name is derived from coconut. There are also other derivatives like palm oil that do not have coco in the name...My son tests a low positive to coconut, but seems to tolerate it ok. Nevertheless, I try to have him use soaps made of olive oil to avoid too much exposure to coconut derivatives in most soaps. We use Kiss My Face olive oil soaps.

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