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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an allergy to cumin? If so, what is your reaction? Thanks, Adele (PA)
Why can people not smoke (except in designated areas) at sporting events (okay, baseball games) --- the smoking being something that may kill/harm...
I recently went to a cooking class and was shown how to make sushi rolls. I think my son would like these and they are really not that hard to make....
Taylor Farms New Jersey, Inc. of Swedesboro, NJ is voluntarily recalling 1,510 units of WAWA Garden Rotini Salad due to the potential of undeclared...
My 19-month old is allergic to peanuts but does not appear to have a severe allergy (he can be around them without reacting). Since his initial...
My son suffered an anaphylactic reaction following eating cashew nut paste at a young age, and also tested positive to being allergic to cashew nuts...
Have you ever heard of thinning hair being linked to high IGE levels (i.e., peanuts or tree-nuts?) My 14 yr. old just went to the doc. for this. The...
I am the Mayor of my community and discussing the possible opening of a nut roasting and distribution factory in our town. I would like to confirm...
I have read that there is a possibility that art supplies in schools may have peanut products in them. Does anyone know of any specific art supplies...
New Nut Free Bakery in Rochester, NY My daughter and son are allergic to Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs and Soy. Finding readi-made baked goods has...

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