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Has anyone gone to Japan with a peanut allergy? I would like any and all information that you have. What's safe, what's not? My teen daughter wants...
We are headed to Aruba this winter with a child who has a severe peanut allergy. We will have a kitchen and will do many meals in the apartment. We...
My son has always loved eating Apple Cinnamon Cheerios as a peanut allergy kid. It has never been a problem that nuts were manufactured because he is...
I'm just curious about where those of you with a child with a severe PA stand about peanuts & peanut products in your home... We've completely...
Hi, I can't seem to find any "Peanut/Tree nut Free" poster for my classroom - any ideas on where I may be able to buy one?
I was shocked when flying Delta airlines that they are the only airline that still serves peanut packets as a snack. Yes that means about 200 open...
I'm 18 and I've started to enter the more "serious" dating scene and need some advice on not dying in front of a boyfriend/girlfriend . I have met...
My son's school has Frozen Friday. There are 4 options for him, 2 are safe, 1 isn't, and the 4th is the reason for the question, Rich's Cookie...
Just wondering if anyone has been there and if there are any tips for going with a PA/TNA child regarding places to eat. Thanks, Amy
My epipen has expired so I went to the pharmacy to have it refilled. Although my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions, I felt confident that it...

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