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Where to begin?

Where to begin?  This is my first post and my first blog.  Until a few months ago I knew literally nothing about blogs.  My friend Kay Wyma told me she had a blog called The MOAT.  I loved it.  I then realized that I had seen to a few blogs in my searches for recipes.

All that said, I decided to write this blog as my feeble but heartfelt effort to help others.
My son Alexander has a peanut allergy.  He is 15 years old.  We are embarking on a "peanut adventure" of sorts as we begin a new program to de-sensitize my son to peanuts. He is "off the blood chart" allergic to peanuts.  (program also available for milk, egg and wheat allergy).  (more details later).

So join us on our journey.  This new de-sensitizing program just may be the "miracle" breakthrough all of those with peanut allergies have been praying for....

Peanut Free and Nut Free Directory

Our directory is highlights our favorite products for people with peanut and nut allergies.