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Today You Turn Two

It was 2 years ago early in morning that I met you for the first time. We waited for a long time for you to arrive, and when they put you in my arms my life changed forever. I watched as your father held you in his and instantly fell in love. You stole our hearts forever.
From that day on I tell you every day how much I love you, even when your not at your best. You make me laugh so much sometimes it hurts, but it's a good hurt. When you cry it breaks my heart. I kiss your boo boo's and wipe you tears in the hope that it will fix everything.
I am your momma bear and will always fight for you and do my best to keep you safe. I hope to teach you how to use your head and make good decisions, but if you don't I will still love you, because that's what mommas do.
These past two years you have grown so much and you are a little boy now. You talk to us, and make jokes, dance, run and laugh. I love you little voice and footsteps which are now my favorite sounds. I love you hugs, kisses and cuddles, and wouldn't change a thing about you (well maybe your tantrums).
Today you turn two and oh how how I love you. My life is so much better simply because of you.

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