Save the Date! Live Facebook Chat on Eczema and Nutrition

Our  second LIVE with The Lunchbox Doctor information session on Facebook is Wednesday Oct 23rd at 10am EST. This live informational session will be on Eczema and Nutrition. Jenny will be here to answer your eczema and nutrition questions in real-time.
Get answers to:
What foods can trigger eczema?
How do you figure out what foods are a problem?
What is an elimination diet?
Check in with us on Facebook Wednesday Oct. 23rd 10am EST
Lunchbox Doctor Exzema Nutrition Chat
Jenny TschiescheJenny Tschiesche
 Bio: Jenny Tschiesche is an Award-winning author, presenter and child nutrition expert. Jenny is the founder of, which provides a whole range of resources, menu plans, recipes and nutrition advice to parents, teachers and children alike. Jenny wrote her first book called ‘Not Just Sandwiches – 5 ways to improve your child’s lunchbox’. The book won an award within its first month of being published. She is also a regular contributor to the national press and radio currently including BBC News 24, BBC Radio, Sky News, Healthy Magazine, The Express, The Guardian, The Mail, Men’s Health and Prima. Meet Jenny on Facebook

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