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Our son Alexander is being treated for his peanut allergy as Dallas Allergy Immunology (DAI). The treatment is desensitization using oral immunotherapy.  Treatment is also offered for Milk, Egg and Wheat allergies.
To learn more read the following excerpt printed in green is from the DAI website
DallasAllergyImmunology is pleased to announce a new oral immunotherapy program that provides a long-term solution for wheat, egg, peanut and milk allergic patients. At the end of this 5-6 month program patients with wheat, egg, peanut or milk allergy will be able to consume these foods with no allergic reactions. The program introduces minute doses of wheat, egg, peanut or milk in solution over a period of three to four months. The program then progresses to small doses of the whole food for an additional two to three months, resulting in tolerance to these foods allowing the children to consume wheat, eggs, peanuts and/or milk without any adverse reactions.
We have a number of children who have graduated from the program and are now eating eggs, and peanuts or drinking milk without reactions. This program is designed for a child of school age or older who will be old enough to understand the reasons for participating and be actively engaged in the process.

Click here for more information 
I will regularly post on this blog -
1)  information on Alexander's progress as his continues his Peanut allergy treatment.  
2) research on food allergies
3) information on Egg, Milk and Wheat allergies and their treatment
4) relevant news
5) helpful links
6) food allergy news out of Europe and other countries 
7) whatever I can think of that may help or be relevant to the subjects mentioned above
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