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Peanut Allergy Treatment DAY 1

Food Allergy Desensitizing Day 1 is here. 3 patients. Each with a different Food allergy. Egg. Milk. Peanut.
We arrived at 8am to Dr. Wasserman's pillows,blankets,snacks,electronics and "to do's" in hand. The stage is set for an entire day at the doctors.
Entrez Vous

After completing our computerized health status questionnaire we proceed for med check (height,weight, bloood pressure) & then to the PFT test which Alexander FAILED in September (see my Roadblocks post). Xander passed this time with 79% lung function. Not great but vastly improved. Next the physicians assistant questions Xander about his current health as he was undergoing treatment for a cough & drainage in addition to Advair for his asthma and poor lung function.
Hurray- we are deemed healthy enough & allowed to proceed.

We settle into a large room with reclining loungers along with an 18 year old teenage boy with an Egg allergy and a 10 year old boy with a Milk allergy.
Picture a small table set up in the room and a nurse armed with a timer to dispense a dose of the allergen every 15 minutes (treatment details will be provided in post to come). Alexander is given a name tag to wear that says "PEANUT". The other 2 patients don "EGG" and "MILK" name tags. 
As a precaution each patient wears a name tag displaying his particular allergen

The dosing procedure is explained.

8:54 a.m. I am handed a syringe with Dose 1.  A tiny bit of peanut flour mixed with grape juice.  I hand it to Alexander and he squirts the peanut "cocktail" into his mouth.

A syringe is used for the "allergen cocktail" of peanut flour and grape juice

After a few doses Alexander "settles in for the long haul" teenager style.

The environment is comfortable especially with the teenage accouterments 

This scenario is repeated every 15 minutes like clockwork for 26 doses of increasing strength.

The nurses regularly check to ensure each patient feels normal, no cough, itching,hives or worse.

5pm He made it! Ingesting all the doses with no adverse reactions. 

WHEW! Praise God.

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