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Our Accidental Dairy Allergy Oral Food Challenge

(This is a continuation of a series of posts on our experiences as we trial our son who has multiple food allergies with oral food challenges at home. Oral food challenges should always be performed under direct medical supervision based on each patients individual reaction history. Please do not try oral food challenges at home on your own without medical approval.)
Being a parent of a child with multiple food allergies is more than difficult. There are so many allergens to have to watch out for, from direct contact to cross-contamination, to keep your child safe and alive and there are no room for accidents. After all, an accident can mean the difference between life and death.
Our Accidental Dairy Oral Food Challenge
But an accident is exactly what happened to us. Not out in public, not at a restaurant, but in our house. Not from a stranger, or a family member, or a sibling, but from us. The parents who are supposed to be the experts on multiple food allergies. The parents who are the life and protector of our son to keep him alive.

Our Accidental Dairy Allergy Oral Food Challenge

It was a typical busy morning as we were getting ready to take our twins to school. My husband had showered and was getting school snacks and lunches ready while I was in the shower. Mitch woke up and as usual and he was given a sippy cup of rice milk. Grace was playing quietly on the floor and everything went on as usual just like any other day (Groundhog Day style).
We left for school and Mitch brought his sippy cup with him, as he often does. As we were getting out of the car after school drop off I noticed Mitch hadn’t drunk any of his milk. He loves his rice milk, and can even drink an entire carton in one day, but why didn’t he want his milk this morning? I asked him again if he wanted it, and he adamantly said no.
I shrugged it off and decided to get a new, clean sippy cup with new rice milk for Mitch. As I was emptying the first cup he refused to drink I couldn’t believe what I saw. The milk was thick, definitely thicker than rice milk, so I decided to taste it. Oh crap! There was real, bona fide cow’s milk in the sippy cup of my child with a dairy allergy.
The Reaction…Or Lack There Of
What happened next blew us away. Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. No flare, no asthma, nothing. He had to have ingested some amount of cow’s milk to refuse the cup, but he was not reacting at all. And thankfully he never did.
Since Mitch started eating sandwiches last week, I decided to make a new loaf of bread replacing some of the water with milk. After eating half a sandwich for the past two weeks, he is still not reacting. Woo hoo!!!
Our accidental dairy allergy oral food challenge could have turned out so much worse than it did. Thankfully, the accident was with an allergen that is not life threatening for Mitch, but in a weird twist of fate, we’re happy it happened.
Image courtesy of Flickr.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. This is simply a recount of our personal experience. Always check with a doctor about any allergy-related issues.
Stacy Molter
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