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My Food Allergy Friends – Book Review and Giveaway

Jackie Nevard, the Australian author of the creative and adorable series My Food Allergy Friends, contacted me after my son’s first anaphylactic reaction.  She reached out to offer support and share her fears regarding her own son’s anaphylaxis to eggs, nuts, and dairy. You can read more about Jackie and her story here. She offered to send us a few things to help us get through the experience and to encourage my son to embrace his allergies rather than shy away from them. Jackie generously mailed us two books from the My Food Allergy Friends series along with an adorable bunny that ties into the stories.
These books are wonderful! Not only do they have fantastic, colorful illustrations, but the stories are simple and fun. They are educational, but your kids won’t realize they’re actually a learning tool and will just think they’re cool, as my son did. All the books in the series follow a little boy, named Thai, through different life experiences all while managing his food allergies like a champ. The books portray food allergies in a non-threatening way, in simple language so very young children can understand, yet older kids will enjoy as well. At the end of each book there is a guide for parents on how to best use the books to help your children embrace their allergies.
We received and LOVED….
Thai Goes to a Birthday Party (1st book of the series)
In this book, the first of the series, Thai learns to make safe food choices by bringing his “safe cake” and a “safe party lunch box” so that he can participate without feeling left out. The story normalizes food allergies by showing that other children bring “safe cake” to parties too. There are two recipes included in the back of the book – one for muffins/cupcakes and one for cookies or biscuits as they call them in Australia.
My  Food Allergy Friends - Thai goes to a birthday party
An inside peek…..
My  Food Allergy Friends - Thai goes to a birthday party - Inside Peek
Thai’s Big Adventure in the City (2nd book in the series)
This is the second book in the series. It helps children understand how to handle food allergies when away from home. With the help of his family, Thai makes safe food choices by bringing his “safe food” and by not taking food from other people. Children will enjoy finding Rabbie, Thai’s stuffed rabbit, who is hiding on every page of the book.
My  Food Allergy Friends - Thai's Big City Adventure
An inside peek…
My  Food Allergy Friends - Thai's Big City Adventure - An inside peek
Jackie sent my son the loveable stuffed rabbit from the books, Rabbie, how cute is this little guy?! He seems to be really enjoying his new home.
Rabbie from My Food Allergy Friends
The My Food Allergy Friends website has some nice free printable coloring pages you can view here.
You can buy the books and the Rabbie together or separately here.
Or you can try to win them in our giveaway!
One winner will receive each of the two books in the My Food Allergy Friends series: (1) Thai Goes to a Birthday Party and (1) Thai’s Big Adventure in the City. Contest is open to contestants worldwide. Contest ends July 23, 2013.
**Enter the giveaway HERE**
Good luck everyone!

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