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Merging of the Food Allergy Minds

Road sign mergingRoad sign merging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It seems that a merging of the minds is the latest trend in fighting allergies and asthma.  Not long ago, The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network merged with Food Allergy Initiative to found FARE.  The merger is allowing FARE to create regional offices throughout the nation and creating an even stronger ally for families with food allergies.
This week it was announced that the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation is merging with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).  The new alliance is expected to make it the “most comprehensive nonprofit source of education, advocacy, research, social networking and support” for families living with food allergies and asthma.  To learn more about the merger, read the full press release here.  Do you have questions about what this merger means for you?  Take a minute to review some frequently asked questions here.
When I think about all of these agencies coming together to make a stronger presence in the community, I can’t help thinking about that old adage, “There is safety in numbers.”  It certainly seems to hold true here.
I can’t wait to see what FARE and AAFA have in store for us 2013.  God willing, it will be the road to a cure!  God speed!

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