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Keeley McGuire: SunButter & Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

One of the many fabulous and amazing fellow food allergy moms I have met this past year is Keeley McGuire. Keeley is the proud mother of the cutest little sous chef I have ever seen. Together they love spending time in the kitchen creating fun, allergy safe recipes for mom’s like me. (Seriously, she is the cutest thing ever!)

 SunButter & Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

Keeley McGuire: SunButter & Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

Last week Keeley featured a dessert recipe that caught my eye, her SunButter & Chocolate Cake Pops!
Pairing the salty, almost nutty-like SunButter with smooth, rich chocolate is the perfect combination of sweet heaven on the taste buds. Then add all the cuteness of the popular cake pop and you now have a dessert fit for any occasion. You could even dip the cake pops in food allergy safe sprinkles before the outer layer of chocolate hardens for a festive holiday treat. (I’ll take a dozen please!)
If desserts aren’t your thing (ha ha! who are we kidding here!) and you’re in search for a healthy recipe for yourself and your children with food allergies, Keeley has got you covered there too. Keeley hosts a weekly series on her blog called Lunch Made Easy featuring healthy and easy themed lunch ideas from color and crunch to leftovers for lunch, holiday themes, fast and fresh simple salads, and adult work lunches. If you’re short on lunch ideas, follow Keeley for endless inspiration.
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What is your favorite food allergy safe flavor to pair with chocolate?
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