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Family Happenings

We've had a really long week, and I can't believe a new one is starting. We had play dates, Mommy and Me class, got our flu shots, had our first trip to the dentist, and went pumpkin picking. We did all this with no naps! Seriously the kid has not taken a nap in 5 days! I'm not ready to have a no napping toddler.
At Mommy and Me class we are starting to talk about party food. This of course makes me nervous. But the school is peanut free so that helps I guess. I found the moms in the class to be understanding. We even started talking about safe foods and what brands have good labeling practices. I'm trying to come up with a list, but it so time consuming. Do you have favorite brands you buy because of good labeling policies? I like General Mills so far. I believe Frito Lay is good too, but I need to investigate that more.
After our Mommy & Me class, I noticed Mac had stepped in something. I figured dog poop, gross. Well it turned out to be a snickers! I'm serious, somewhere between our house and class he stepped on a snickers bar, peanuts and all! I'm just glad I found it. Cormac likes to pick out his own shoes now, and his red Converse are his favorite. So I scrubbed them down. But what if I missed it and he got a hold of them? I'm not freaking out or anything, it just reminded that peanuts show up in the most unexpected places.
The flu shot didn't go so well. He did great getting the shot, but got a nasty fever for a few days. He seems to be back to normal. We took him to get some pumpkins and see some animals and he wasn't too happy. He wasn't feeling 100% yet. So I guess we will make another trip. Momma needs some good photos!
I wasn't at the dentist appointment and it's one first I'm happy to miss. He did well, just got a check up. There was a problem with insurance (shocker), so there was that to deal with. I hope this week is calmer. He has a birthday party today and another on Saturday. Today's party is at a little boys house who also has a peanut allergy. There will another kid there with a milk allergy. Both parents are coworkers of my husband. How crazy is it that 3 kids in this group of friends have food allergies. It's not like we met though a group or anything. Anyway, this kid has more of a social life than us!
This Tuesday is Takeover Tuesday! Our Guest Blogger is Nicole from The Allergic Child. She is also Morgan's mom (last months amazing Guest Blogger). Be sure to check it out. She has some good info. to share.

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