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Allerbling Review & Giveaway: Adorable Allergy Bracelets for Kids

With Tristan going off to day camp this summer, I searched for an allergy bracelet he’d want to wear. Something that would handle the wear and tear and the pool! Plus, we wanted something durable so it would last him through the school year as well. My son is pretty shy about his allergies and a bracelet would just further set him apart from the crowd, but I knew it was important for his safety, so, I was looking for something that was both fun for him to wear and easy for him explain to anyone that asked him about it.
What did we find? Allerbling, allergy bracelets for kids!
Full Allerbling Kit
Allerbling bracelets feature multiple charms you can add to customize the bracelet and make it unique to your child’s food allergies. At the beginning of the summer we added the medical alert charm, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat. By the end of the summer we were able to remove wheat as it no longer triggers a reaction, yay!
Allerbling Allergy Alert Bracelet
My Take:
What I love about these allergy bracelets for kids is that they are bright (medical professionals will notice them), feature cute kid friendly designs, they’re waterproof and perfect for school, camp, sports, etc. I think it’s great the charms can be added and removed as needed. So many kids either develop additional allergies or grow out of existing ones, so Allerbling can be modified to accommodate these changes. And Allerbling will last as your child ages – if you buy the Full Allerbling Kit (shown above), it comes with two sized bracelets (as well as charms for the top 8 food allergens – other charms can be purchased separately), one for a smaller child and one for a larger child. The name of the allergy is written out in English on each charm, but the images clearly depict the allergy, making these bracelets useful in any language.
My Son’s Take:
Honestly, he wasn’t thrilled at first. As I said above, he’s quite shy about his allergies and doesn’t like to call attention to the fact that he’s different in any way. BUT, he’d seen Kyle Dine (who is AMAZING!) sporting an allergy bracelet at a food allergy concert at a local school, so that helped a lot. Then he saw a kid wearing an Allerbling bracelet at camp and then suddenly, wearing one was no big deal.  Now he’s proud of it and has asked to wear it on a couple of occasions outside of camp and school.  He’s had a few close calls recently, so allergic reactions are very real for him and I know the bracelet makes him feel more in control and empowered. When he meets someone new and he’s wearing the bracelet, he shows them the pictures of the allergies and explains what they are. So, I can say, he’s definitely comfortable and more confident in his Allerbling bracelet.
If you’re looking for a cute, but functional allergy alert bracelet for your child, I’d highly recommend Allerbling. You can find their online store, here. Or you can enter our giveaway to win one!
One winner will receive (1) Full Allerbling Kit, containing two bracelets, 8 food allergy charms, and 1 medical alert charm. Contest is open to contestants in the US and Canada. Contest ends September 10, 2013.
**Enter the giveaway HERE**
Good luck everyone!

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