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Vaccinations CAUSE peanut allergy!!!

DEFINITION: "induced allergy - allergy resulting from the injection of an antigen …"


pg 14:
"In 1839, the French physiologist Francois Magendie (1783-1855), while investigating the effects of substances on living organisms, created allergylike symptoms in animals, and found that animals sensitized to egg white by injection died after a subsequent injection."

"In 1901, French scientist Charles Richet (1850-1935) coined the word anaphylaxis to designate the sensitivity developed by an organism after being given an injection of protein or toxin."

pg 16:
"Working in Germany in the early part of the twentieth century, Prausnitz and an associate - experimented on themselves, and through injections, developed severe asthma and hives."

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Food Allergies by Lee H. Freude, M.D., and Jeanne Rejaunier, Penguin Group, 2003

"Brandt and his colleagues induced an allergy to chicken eggs in a group of mice by injecting them with ovalbumin, an egg protein. Then they fed the mice ovalbumin, placed within coated pill-like beads to prevent the protein’s destruction in the stomach. The mice became unable to digest food, a sign that they were suffering a severe allergic reaction. A control group of mice that weren’t allergic to ovalbumin showed no signs of distress when fed the beads."


It should be known that getting a vaccine that used chicken eggs to manufacture it not only can cause an egg-allergic patient to have an allergic reaction but it can also CAUSE an egg allergy in a previously non-allergic patient.

So if other food protein remains in the vaccine, it can CAUSE a food allergy to that food protein!

Food waste is used in the culture media to feed the bacteria.

“..In contrast, complex media will use extracts of a variety of things, including left-over animal parts (cow brains and hearts), yeast (from brewing) or digests of plants or animal slurries (peptones are one example of this category). The exact composition of these extracts is often unknown. The sources of these extracts often take advantage of waste products from other industries to save money....”


And food oils are used in the adjuvant:

Vaccine 1996 Dec;14(17-18):1703-6

"Immune responses following cocktails of inactivated measles vaccine and Arachis hypogaea L. (ground nut) [another name for PEANUT!!] or Cocos nucifera L. (coconut) oils adjuvant. Eghafona NO. "The study suggests that the oils under investigation, particularly to GO (ground nut) oil should be considered as an adjuvant with IMV (Inactivated Measles Vaccine) after extensive study in humans; since it stimulated cellular immune response comparable to that of LMV (Live Measles Vaccine)."

PMID 9032902

There are plenty of vaccine adjuvant and culture medium patents on-line that you can read the ingredients for yourself. Peanut oil or peanut meal is listed. Here’s a few.


Peanut oil is used as a diluent or part of the adjuvant because it is cheap and stimulates the immune response. And it doesn’t have to be listed on the package insert:

"An Access to Information request to Health Canada for the 100% composition of vaccines given to infants received the response, "I regret to inform you that the exact composition of these vaccines cannot be disclosed to you as the information is protected under ATIA (Access to Information Act) Section 20(1)(a)(b)(c). This is a mandatory exemption which protects confidential business information."

"It is understood that in some cases, adjuvants are purchased from another firm and therefore some of the data listed may be the proprietary information of the supplier and may not be available to an applicant buying the materials from that source. In this case, it is acceptable for the applicant to arrange to have the adjuvant supplier submit adjuvant information to the CVB, in a manner that protects confidential business information."


"Our policy is to pursue patents and to otherwise endeavor to protect our technology, inventions and improvements that are commercially important to the development of our business. We also rely upon trade secrets that may be important to the development of our business."

"The nature of GlaxoSmithKline's adjuvant is a trade secret, but David Stout, president for worldwide pharmaceuticals at the company, said the ingredients had already been given to people in other products, though not in this particular combination." [And what other products is he talking about? It is different talking about peanut oil used in oral or topical medicine as opposed to injecting it!- bfg]


And if it becomes public knowledge that vaccines are causing the peanut allergy epidemic, the vaccine manufacturers are not liable

* thanks to the vaccine liability protection that was given to the vaccine manufactures in 1986 by the National Vaccination Childhood Injury Act

* and after 9/11 in the case of a "pandemic" -government and vaccine manufactures have ZERO liability (Pandemic was redefined by the World Health Organization from something that causes death to something that makes people sick i.e. the common cold...).

Is it more important to protect your child from a livelong fear of dying from eating or protect big business from losing any profits? You decide.

By barbfeick on Thu, 04-15-10, 22:11

I keep hearing "but we HAVE to vaccinate children to protect them from the horrible complications of diseases!!

Baloney! I've only received a tetanus, polio, and smallpox vaccines. Same for just about everybody in my age group. We're the baby boomers. There are lots of us. Why is your child at a greater risk than the people of my age group for diptheria?

I figured the risks using statistics I found on various web pages. It is not an exact science to figure this. This will give you a pretty good gues-timate.

Vitamin K----- 1/1,000
Hepatitis B ----- 1/300,000,000 – Risk is near zero
Diptheria ----- 41/300,000,000
Tetanus ----- 15/70,000,000
Pertussis ----- 1/3,000,000
Hib ----- 1/300,000
Polio ----- 1/300,000,000
Pneumococcal Meningitis ----- 1/178,571
Rotavirus ----- 70,060/300,000,000
Influenza ----- 1,348/300,000,000
Measles ----- 1/10,000
Mumps ----- 1/100,000,000
Rubella ----- 1.8/300,000,000
Varicella ----- 1,900/62,000,000
Hepatitis A ----- 106/300,000,000
Meningococcal disease ----- 1/100,000
HPV ----- 4,400/150,000,000

Total 77,881/4,891,289,571

Simplified: 1/62,805

So, we boil it all down. Your child’s chance of coming down with a horrible case of the long list of diseases is only 1 in 62,805. Compare that with your child’s chance of getting a severe and possibly fatal peanut allergy of 1 in 125.

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By pauls on Tue, 06-01-10, 23:42

I just started working out and took some steroids to lose some weight so much better than the countless pills in the stores. Now i'm down to the weight I want and just doing a lot of cardio. I wouldn't get vaccinated not with all the things I've read about it.

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By tamere on Wed, 05-09-12, 21:04

This is such bullshit. Epidemiologists cringe whenever they read this kind of scaremongering misinformation. Responsible parents should be actively concerned.

In pockets of communities where ignorant people refuse to vaccinate their children, the probability of contracting one of these diseases increases dramatically. While most of the adolescents who end up contracting these diseases will survive, the chances of mortality in infants (who cannot be vaccinated) is much higher. Babies of parents who would happily immunize once the children are old enough DIE every year because some people think they're too smart to heed governmental recommendations, or because they accept the lunatic ravings of morons who don't understand statistics.

So, go ahead and make your choice to vaccinate your kids, but know that your decision affects others, and could very well directly lead to a child's death.

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