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Childhood allergies can affect sleep, eating habits, concentration level and mood. Children with allergies can exhibit... Read More
Allergy attacks are strange because they cannot be predicted most of the time. You may have taken walks in the woods or... Read More
Peanut butter has gone through many different processes to become what we know today as the delicious spread that so... Read More
Ouch. Here it comes: heartburn. What was it this time? Do you know which foods most often trigger heartburn? You... Read More
A medical ID bracelet can be a lifesaving device, especially for a child. Medical emergencies can be unexpected,... Read More
Benadryl is a great emergency drug for allergic reactions in both humans and dogs. Benadryl is an over-the-counter (... Read More
Few people associate sleep problems with food allergies, but the truth is that allergies do affect how a person feels... Read More
Are the signs of nut allergies different than those of peanut allergies? Many people who have an allergic reaction... Read More
George Washington Carver found more than 300 uses for peanuts and peanut oil. That’s more than 300 ways people with an... Read More
Palmer's Cocoa Butter is helpful in preventing and reducing stretch marks from pregnancy or other weight gain. It works... Read More

Peanut Free and Nut Free Directory

Peanut-Free/Nut-Free Directory

Our directory is intended as a resource for people with peanut and nut allergies. It contains foods, helpful products, and much more.

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